Born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina until the age of 13, I found refuge in Germany following a civil war that broke out in 2002 . There I lived until the age of 20 when my family and I relocated to the USA. 

Needles to say my life has been a turbulent adventure. Coming from a culture that has been overshadowed by conflict, broken relationships and lost ambitions, for many years I have searched for a way to soothe and resolve painful memories. It is my belief that on this journey this was exactly the reason I immersed myself in arts. 

I started creating jewelry in my early twenties and soon it became an essential part of my life. I did not have formal training and the urge to create pushed me on to teach myself the art of making jewelry. 

I do not follow any particular philosophy when I work. I simply love what I do and have a deep need to create beauty in the harsh world that we live in. My work is a meditation to me and it keeps me emotionally and spiritually centered.

I prefer to work intuitively rather than sketching designs ahead of time. The colors and textures of the materials I work with guide me through the design process. 
Sometimes the feel and look of gemstones and metals is all the inspiration I need, other times I turn to nature, architecture and cultural artifacts for inspiration.

My designs are for the confident woman that enjoys admiration and values unique handcrafted jewelry. It is my desire that the pieces I create bring the wearer all the joy, pleasure and happiness I have invested in creating them. -- 


Aida Makarevic