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I visited this store for the first time today.  The clothing is beautiful and the handcrafted jewelry is amazing.  The store owner is an extremely talented artisan!  This boutique is a stunner!
Daphne R.
Roseville, CA


I needed a custom piece designed as a gift for my boss to acknowledge a milestone, and Mea Vita came immediately to mind, as I'd been to the shop several times and was always impressed with the creativity. A co-worker and I took our ideas to Aida and she ran with them. We presented a beautiful and unique bracelet to my boss that she insists on wearing every day! This shop is the shining jewel of Old Sac.
Rita A.
Citrus Heights, CA


Wonderful boutique. The owner, Aida, now designed two pieces for me. One was a beautiful bail to hold a piece of ivory, and another a tie clasp for my husband. I appreciate her advice and admire creativity Aida is putting in her work.

Sacramento, CA


First review ever, and maybe my last, but I really want to give props to this business!  Aside from the jewelry being unique, elegant and reasonably priced, the owners go above and beyond to help the customer.  I bought I very nice pendant there well over a year ago, which I unfortunately left in the store.  I contacted Aida about this, and she said she would simply mail it me via US postal mail.  I waited and waited, but the item never came.  Since it was my fault for leaving it, I never bothered to get back to her and chalked it off as a $50 loss.

A couple of weeks ago I was back in Sacramento (I live in the Bay Area so don't get up there much), killing time in Old Sac while waiting to pick up a family member at the airport.  I walked into the store and a gentleman, who I later learned was Aida's husband, asked if he could help me with anything.  I said I was just looking around, and also shared my story of the lost pendant, as I was trying to remember what it looked like.   He felt so badly about my loss, he actually took out a few pendants that were comparable in price and asked me to pick one.  It was the last thing on my mind when I walked in, but he really wanted to make up for my loss...which wasn't even their fault!   I left the store with a beautiful new pendant, for which I didn't pay a cent.  I really wanted to browse more, maybe to find a matching pair of earrings, but by that time I was late in getting to the airport and ran out of time.  The next time I am able to get to Old Sacramento I will surely return to the store and see what other treasure I might find - and make sure I don't leave it at the store!

Concord, CA

 Updated - 2/3/2012

My first review was in 2008 and it is now 2012.  Mea Vita continues to reach for the best in design and creativity.  Aida still continues to be brilliant in designing those pieces of jewelry that you want because they not only look good, but you feel good wearing them. I am a fan for life!


  •  7/21/2010

     Aida, owner of Mea Vita continues to be brilliant.  Got to say, that I feel grateful to have found her.  She continues to excel in creating pieces of art and I consider them great investments towards my enjoyment of wearing unique and beautiful of jewelry.


  •  12/9/2009

    I just visited Mea Vita and still am amazed at the brilliant designs that the owner creates.  Each piece is unique and everytime I wear a necklace or a pair of earring I bought from Mea Vita, I get compliments.  More importantly, I feel proud to wear a piece of jewelry that is uniquely mine and not massed produced.  This is the place to go and the owner can make the piece of jewelry in your price range.


     Mea Vita is a great shop I found in Old Sacramento.  The owner is Aida Makarevic and her jewelry designs are so brilliant!   She is doing something she loves and she loves to create wonderful pieces of jewelry that just catches your eye.   I found Mea Vita when my husband and I went to Old Sacramento and we saw a necklace in the store window.  I tried it on and bought the necklace because I loved how it looked on me.  I have been back to Mea Vita several times .Each time, I am amazed at the new designs and uniqueness of Aida's jewelry.   Her website shows her work, but her shop is a visual experience.        I admit when you are in there, you feel like a kid in a candy store, you just don't know where to begin.  The last time I was there, I tried on all the necklaces that appealed to me and had a hard time deciding which piece to buy.  Whenever I wear Aida's jewelry designs,  it is amazing how many compliments I get .  I am always asked what store I bought the piece of jewelry from.  My friend Annie said to put my recommendation on this site to let more people about Mea Vita in Old Sacramento.  I wanted to share this because I do not often find jewelry I am excited about and with the quality of design that Aida makes.

  •   Joanne M.
  •   Pittsburg, CA



Looking for THE jewlery that will make you stand out even at the Oscars? (as if that would happen for me...) Mea Vita is the place for you. Ok, you do not have to be at the Oscar or MTV after parties to feel and look like a million bucks without applying for bankruptcy afterwards. Just go to this Old Downtown store, let the friendly and knoledgeable staff show you their amazing collestions of unique, custom made silver jewlery collections (designed and made by the gallery owner),  fun and exciting costume jewlery, avantgarde warderobe selection, or cool purses. You won't be sorry. Neither was I. After amazing and affordable shopping spree there, I fell like I finally found the right style for my age and body type. 
And yes, my hubby is happy too :-)
Lola D.,
Antelope, CA


I love this store.  Aida, the owner, is a true jewelry artist.  She makes some of the most amazing and unique jewelry items.  I always come here when I'm looking for a great gift or want something no one else owns.  They are "one of a kind" pieces.  Her clothes are very cute too.

Sacramento, CA


I bought the best dresses from this cute boutique shop! Their jewerly is great too. Can't wait to come back.

Sacramento, CA

I was shopping for a gift for a friend in Old Sacramento, and while my children were having a good time browsing through Evangeline's, I discovered Mea Vita. I only had a few minutes, and had a very hard time tearing myself away from the wonderful selection of handmade jewelry, and at very affordable prices! The owner was very helpful, without being over bearing. I felt at liberty to browse and try on as much as I wanted. I ended up purchasing a very beautiful ring (for myself) I cannot wait to go back to this store when I have more time.

Woodland, CA

Updated - 4/30/2010

As an update... 

Aida created custom jewelry for my wedding in 2009. In all she made 6 sets of necklaces with earrings: My set, 4 bridesmaids sets, and my mom's set. We collaborated on the design and I chose the majority of the materials, with Aida suggesting complimentary materials. I got to see the jewelry at about 90% completion, and we made some minor revisions. I picked up the jewelry 2 months before the wedding and needed one last modification to my necklace due to the design of my dress. All pieces were within the cost range I provided and all were ready well in advance of when I requested they be done. 

The jewelry was one focal piece in my wedding and received many compliments. To this date, people still remember my fabulous statement necklace. My bridesmaids wear their pieces frequently and have stated that not only is it their favorite item, but when they wear the set they get compliments from strangers. 

I own 5 set of necklace/earring combos and 2 rings from Aida. They are stunning pieces that always bring in compliments. They are sturdy and well made.  After my wedding experience, I will definitely be asking for another commissioned piece from Aida.


  •  8/17/2009

    I learned about Mea Vita from my mom, who heard about the store from a friend. I went in and fell in love with Aida's pieces! She is a very talented and creative designer. 

    Mea Vita offers a variety of jewelry in various price ranges, I am sure there is something that will fit your personal style and your budget. The quality is exceptional, and if you purchase a piece that Aida has made she is available for minor repairs or tweaks to the design. It is one of the first "hands on" experiences I've had with a designer. 

    I love that Aida uses natural cut and polished semiprecious stones. The result is always something unique, one of a kind, and creative. I've purchased several pieces from her, some already on display in the store and others custom made. In fact, the best thing occurred when I asked her to design the jewelry that would be worn by the women in my wedding.  Each lady received a necklace and earing combo as a thank you gift, composed of the same stones as mine but incorporating each of their personal styles into the design. The results were absolutely amazing! 

    I get so many compliments when I wear her pieces.  I can't rave enough about Mea Vita!


Just returned from Istanbul, where I bought a unique handcrafted bracelet at the Grand Bazaar... Sadly a link in the chain broke. 
In my quest for a local jewelry repairperson, I consulted yelp and discovered Mea Vita. Owner Ms. Aida Makarevic doesn't really do repairs, but she save the day and graciously fixed my bracelet. 
I cannot believe she's run this Old Sacramento store (125 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814) for nearly three years! Where have I been? 
Her passion for designing and handcrafting unique pieces of jewelry is amazing. Her work is like the pieces my friend brings home from NYC. Aida works mostly in sterling silver (925, baby!) -- and paints (which were her introduction to art).
Indulge yourself (or someone you love) to something that is not massed produced... because you're worth it, darling!  FYI -- She also sells some clothes, but the handbags made me drool too!

Sacramento, CA


tiffany wha?  I'm tried of having jewlery that everyone else owns.  I love this store and the owner is wonderful.  I refuse to go anywhere else for my jewlery.  This is my favorite store.. ...

Roseville, CA

I discovered this shop a year or two ago and I totally agree with the other reviews...Aida is wonderful and her jewelry is outstanding!!  I need to spend hours in there and do not often get to Sacramento so when I do look out!   Love Ya Aida !!  Bonnie T., Manteca CA

I don't often sign up for anything 'extra' on the internet - but I had to add to this review - MEA VITA is the best experience in Old Sacramento(G.Willikers Toys is 2nd!).   Our family was there when she opened the shop in Nov.2007.  The service/care we received was tops of any/anywhere.  She is absolutely adorable/talented/ is her assistant.  The jewelry/paintings/pottery are like no other.
We just got back from a 2nd trip to Old Sacramento, and Mea Vita was our first stop - and 2 more stops after that.
A great place to shop for yourself or gifts.  I love it!
thank-you, Aida, from your Illinois friends!

Pekin, IL